What is Forex CRM? FxmetaTech Best Forex CRM Provider

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July 29, 2021
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What is Forex CRM? FxmetaTech Best Forex CRM Provider

An FX firm’s customer relationship management must include more than just basic information about your customers and their activities. Information about your client’s whole trading history, along with his interactions with your company, payment details, and other relevant data must also be included. The moment has come for you to think about using a traders room if you aren’t already.

No matter how different software is, there is a list of must-have features. How can you choose the best CRM system for your forex trading business? Keeping track of your clients is one of the most important components of running a successful FX brokerage. You should continue cautiously after analyzing the qualities of your computer program, its demands, and your company’s long-term goals. The CRM program’s primary goals and the situations in which it will be useful should be selected by company employees.

Best Trading Crm Providers 2022

After researching and analyzing various providers, select the best one. The provider that will offer the following services, go for this one. Collaborative CRM is a digital tool that aims to improve customer experience. Collaborative CRM describes an overview of integrated customer data to support them better during the interaction.

The most effective use of Forex CRM systems for brokers

Another key element is setting up a Customer Relationship Management system that covers traders’ needs. It is necessary to pay attention to issues that would improve the internal processes of the White Label Forex company, but optimizing the external communication is also worth noting. The success of your business relies on your customer base, so you need to work out future interaction strategies. Newer traders are highly uncertain about the whole financial market, from the foreign exchange to the first-class cryptocurrency exchange software.

You can choose whether to allow demo trading or real trading only. Use this bonus to motivate your clients to make their first deposit, or deposit more, or deposit more often. А client can view all their trading history, including balance operations and pending orders without having to log in to the trading terminal. In respect to that we have made convenient authorization in the UpTrader Forex CRM.” – commented CEO UpTrader Vasily Alexeev.

Forex CRM. How to find the best solution

Online Wallet- Works as a bridge between funds and trading to manage numerous transactions smoothly. MT4 to online wallets or vice versa, internal transactions between online wallets, online wallets, and IB commissions, etc. are examples of different transactions. Payment processor integration- Integrate with PSPs like a credit card, cryptocurrency wallets, Skrill, SafeCharge, or NETELLER to maintain money transfers easily.

The most effective use of Forex CRM systems for brokers

All these aspects should essentially determine what features your Forex CRM should include. Essential information can be accessed by brokerages right at their fingertips with just a few clicks. Trader’s Room is where clients will carry out all their account-related activities outside of actual trading. Extra features that enhance brokerage services at a professional level. Many of our customers choose to integrate our IB Module as it is a lucrative marketing tool for brokerages and a proven way to attract new clients. One of the leading CRM for Forex brokers in the industry today is Trader’s Room, a SaaS solution from B2Broker.

Corporate Service

It includes tools for integrating different payment providers , acquiring services, and an extensive reporting network. CRM allows brokers to optimize interactions with their customers and set contacts with traders/investors or newcomer players who might enter the dealing desk. A top-notch Customer Relationship Management system helps brokerages to communicate with brokers and investors. This tool establishes internal and external communication on a White Label trading platform. As for now, there are some distinctions between brokerage companies as each business chooses a CRM system for implementing their own strategies. Although dealing desks, tools, and currency pairs may be the same, a full-fledged Customer Relationship Management system helps overtake competitors and benefit from it.

Forex CRM software helps you centralize, optimize and streamline your communication. Should work absolutely flawlessly and ensure the highest level of data security. Should form a big picture of the business with profit and loss statements, revenue and key metrics trends. Must also process this data efficiently, which implies built-in machine learning and deep learning elements. Finally, the Forex broker CRM system must assure traders that their rights are appropriately protected.

The most effective use of Forex CRM systems for brokers

Understand the reason and the impact of a loss of a company’s client. Motivate your sales team by creating individual motivational programs. Create and upload any agreements you would like your clients to accept. You can decide what type, what conditions, what name, and so on you want your bonus to have.

As a consequence, partners may collect and monitor customer data, compute commissions, and do statistical analysis. Sophisticated UpTrader Forex CRM for brokers includes back office, trader’s room, and copy trading software for MT4, MT5 and cTrader brokers. Having worked in the financial services market for a long time, we do understand that for Forex brokers, time is money. That is how long it takes to integrate Forex CRM with your MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, cTrader or any other trading platform.

White Label cTrader: A brand-new brokerage infrastructure that will bring your business to a new level!

A strong CRM may help a broker improve its client service and sales processes. By tracking activity information and assessing interaction, this is achieved. Additionally, a Forex CRM could offer insightful data on consumer behavior that can be used to improve a business’ performance. Forex prime brokers need specific features for permanent automation of the client service. The deposit processing control is one of the most in-demand components in Forex CRM systems.

  • The Trader’s Room, a SaaS solution from B2Broker, may greatly increase the productivity of your brokerage operations.
  • A customer relationship management system is an essential tool for any business that wants to keep track of its customers.
  • Multi-tier Partner Management is a system that permits Forex companies to achieve the goal of extending the business reach to a larger customer base.
  • As our company is continuously working on new updates, any new feature included in the product will be given at no extra cost.
  • Finally, it is necessary to ensure that the Forex CRM solution you opt for should come with automation features.
  • Our E-wallet can efficiently manage a variety of transactions such as MT4 to E-wallet and vice versa, Internal E-wallet transactions, IB commissions and E-wallet, etc.

All you need is login credentials for a manager account on the platform. You can add as many servers as you require, including mixing different platform types, and your clients will see all their account data in one place. The clients can distribute their funds from the wallet to all their trading accounts or put them back to the wallet. Take control of the deposits and withdrawals, monitor KYC procedures, and launch your marketing activities.


B2Broker’s Trader’s Room is a SaaS solution that can really enhance your brokerage operations. It is the ideal platform for both individual and corporate clients and back office teams to optimise their operations and increase their revenue potential. Another aspect is maintaining the trader’s personal account in the dealing desk as Forex brokerages can manipulate clients via this tool. It helps to analyze requests and register users that meet the regulatory body’s requirements, as well as the international trading norms. Traders/investors can also use a personal account for financial operations.

There are many different types of frauds that traders have to deal with daily, including money laundering, terrorist financing, and identity theft. By keeping track of all the transactions in the Forex CRM database, you can prevent these types of fraud. Not only that, the program will provide you with reports and other statistics, as well as automate much of your company’s financial side, such as fees, taxes, and other payments. Are essential for managing customer relationships and tracking their activities in real-time.

In addition to tracking your staff’s performance, this feature provides you with valuable information on your clients’ trading experience. If you utilize Pentview software, for example, you’ll obtain comprehensive reports on every single client. So you’ll always know what you can offer your customers and how you can improve their trade experience in the long run. Your partners can get different Excel reports detailing their clients’ trading volumes and other data important for their IB rewards.

#1. Every customer’s profile is meticulously documented

Support offered to brokers by the CRM provider for brokers is also crucial. New rules are often implemented, and the forex market is continuously evolving. The assistance you require to make sure your brokerage works properly should be available from your CRM provider, who should be able to keep up with these https://xcritical.com/ developments. Additionally, your CRM supplier needs to be willing to respond to any inquiries you have regarding the program or its capabilities. For your customers, you can enhance their experience by implementing the software with seamless integrations with such third-party tools & payment gateways.


Qualified specialists integrate the chosen software with your trading platform and payment providers to ensure that everything operates well. For instance, which payment providers and trading platforms are about to be integrated. Think over the necessity of SaaS solutions, mobile apps, and more to choose the best-matching CRM. First of all, you need to discover the capabilities of your computer software, the business demands, plans for development, and working strategies.

Benefits of CRM

In such a scenario, Forex CRM becomes the icing on the cake if the software is meeting your business requirements. Customer Relationship Management systems provide clients with a well-developed personal account. It opens access to all brokerage services (deposit & withdrawal, creating accounts, applying for a Types of modern management systems KYC/AML procedure, and many more). The Trader’s Room, a SaaS solution from B2Broker, may greatly increase the productivity of your brokerage operations. It is the ideal platform for both individual and corporate customers, as well as back-office personnel, to optimize their operations and earning potential.

Reliable providers guarantee you a string of high-level features, around-the-clock support, and implement the recent innovations together with advanced market solutions. System, which should provide all the necessary information on one screen while using a trading platform. To keep the client happy with the services and make them devoted to the brand should be the main priority for a forex company. Based on the trading volume and other criteria, clients should be segmented. An ideal Forex CRM will provide a perfect overview of the clients, their trading habits, portfolios, profitability. It enables the system to give its best to assure each customer’s approach per their convenience.

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